Project: What is Stan watching right now?

I’ve written before about the transition from blogging to microblogging to implicit blogging. My clickstream is my implicit blog. In other words, the answer to the question “What is Stan doing right now?” is best answered by the URL I am currently viewing.

So…I had to build it. Here’s what it looks like:

Click the image about to try it, or go to

Spurred by a brainstorm session with Jonas Goldstein, I emailed Cluztr founder Jon about how a little javascript could allow anyone to follow an attentionstream with needing a download. So he whipped up a new JSON API, and I had no choice but to build it. (Thanks again, Jon!)

Disclaimers: It’s still kinda flakey. Some sites will break out of the frameset. I’m working on some ways around this.

This is one piece of my blog overhaul where I want to bring some order to all my attention streams, both incoming and outgoing. Hope to have this up soon.

So give this a whirl, let me know of any problems.

I’m online and surfing most days between 9 and 6 mountain standard time. :)

ps- Any recommendations for a good thumbnail service?

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10 Responses to “Project: What is Stan watching right now?”

  1. Greg Says:

    TV show looking for full-figured women, huh? You got a side project you’re not telling me?

  2. moritz Stefaner Says:

    That’s kind of sick — I like it :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Looks great Stan! The live attention widget is awesome.

  4. stan Says:

    I’ve got lots of (too many) side projects, but unfortunately that’s not one of them. A friend of mine IM’d me that randomly…did you read the ad? I wonder what kind of show this is?.

  5. cwittenb Says:

    Whoo! Another frightening attention thing!

    But, I admit I like it.

    However, although I might think of many uses for a click stream, I guess most people might have better things to than watching a click stream?

    Using the latest Camino on MacOSx, I got this error:

    Live Attention

    An error occured:unterminated parenthetical

    … sorry you asked for it ;)

    Anyway nice!

  6. stan Says:

    Should be fixed now… (Band-aid applied!)

    To your other point:

    “I guess most people might have better things to than _______”

    …reading people’s diaries
    …”connecting” to friends on a website
    …sending 140 character messages to each other
    …watching amateur videos
    …searching for stuff

    …and the list goes on!

  7. GioSico Says:

    Are you officially sharing the “code” for this? Or am I just so slow I didn’t see the link …


  8. cwittenb Says:

    Yep, and that is the reason why
    … there are sooo many unread blogs
    … empty “social networks”
    … never whatched online videos

    But I admit, there truely is the chance that looking at click-streams might become the new hype everybody wants do join.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I guess the problem I have with this click-stream stuff is just, that it is not something people create for others to look at.
    It is more some “maybe private” side-product that people produce while doing other stuff.

    But if somebody can make use out of it? Should I mind?
    Further, I think searching will become a critical aspect again, as I already get lost in my own browser history, but I guess you thought of this already ;).

  10. Tom Smith Says:

    However, although I might think of many uses for a click stream, I guess most people might have better things to than watching a click stream?