Starting Again

It’s been a while since I blogged. I miss the interaction, but also needed some time away to re-set.

Of course, I feel like I need something extra overly amazingly dramatic and insightful to kick off again. This approach is the writing equivalent of trying to win back the money you lost at the casino, placing ever more desperate bets for the big one that will put you back in the black. Never works.

Ben Casnocha asked in an email a few weeks ago about a name for this effect.

Is there a name for the effect that completing a task becomes harder as each day passes with it remaining un-done?

E.g. Most new bloggers stop blogging after a month. Each day that passes makes it harder and harder for them to pick up the habit again. Until ultimately they drop it altogether. Same with going to a gym.

I stopped blogging once before, back in 2005. And started up again around this time of year. Maybe the cooler weather inspires me to write more, after summer’s outdoor frolicking?

Jason Calacanis retired from blogging also, and I understand what he means by the pressure to be an A-list blogger. Not that I ever was one, but in the heady days of 2004-2007 there was a landrush exuberance–that you had to get in front and stay in front and never let your numbers drop.

I’m out of that race. But I miss the way that writing a post would focus my thoughts. It is always a transformative experience where I go in thinking I’m going to say one thing, and in the processes of putting thoughts it writing it all changes. That’s good.

And see? It’s happening already. I thought this would be a 2 line apology post, and you see how well that plan has turned out. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Starting Again”

  1. Yes there is a term for it. Its’ called being a “lazy sap”. Now stop whining and letting the pressure win. Pick up your keyboard/gym-membership/whatever and beat the hell out of it. Let the pressure anger you, let it drive you.

    Aggression solves all things

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