2014 Year in Webcam and Screetshots

I spend most of my waking life sitting in front of a computer. There, I said it.

Three years ago I wrote LifeSlice, a small program that takes pictures of me every hour while I work. It’s become a mirror to me of how I spend my time. Sometimes it shames me into getting more time away from the screen, sometimes I’m inspired to see my excitement when deeply engaged in a project.

This year I created an animated GIF of all of 2014, showing the same time in each of the 365 days. You can see me sleep through the night (mostly) and then wake up and maybe get some work done.

How I look: (Click for full-size)

What’s on my screen: (Click for full-size)

If you have a Mac, download LifeSlice to play along in 2015!