Photo: MacBook after a fire

Last week we got an email from Gwen and Paul of Plunge Artist Design that they couldn’t make our meeting because their house burned down. Incredible.

Paul was by the office today and showed us some incredible pictures.

So what does a MacBook look like when it’s been through a 600+ degree fire?

Notice the Apple logo still visible in the center.

More details and video commentary at Gwen’s blog.

22 thoughts on “Photo: MacBook after a fire”

  1. Yikes that some Macbook, its a shame that your have lost your things to such a terrible incident.The Macbook on the other hand looks cooked!

  2. ^^^^
    looks like a black one….I’d be more scared than I already am if it was originally a white macbook.

  3. WOW! Cool sleeve! Where can I get one of those? Do they have them for the 15″MBP aswell….

  4. can you open it up and try to press the “power” button like one of those Thinkpad?…LOL

  5. ahh all this picture is really gonna do is encourage apple to start making food like apple brand cake mix and apple chocolate………

  6. woah. it does look like apple crumble aswell. haha it would be very cool if you could open it and see what it’s like inside…

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