Super Selfie Dance (2014-2015) is my first iOS app. Players match the expressions of the emoticons in time with the music! (Sample Video)
Relevant Play (2012-2015) development of hardware and software for identifying, locating, and authenticating real world objects using fluorescence. (Sample Video showing one public project.)
Lijit was the comercial inception of Outfoxed. We pivoted to become the premier blog search engine and ad exchange. Acquired by Federated Media in 2011. (2008)
Wordnik is an online dictionary freed from the contraints of paper. I was recruited to the founding team in Booklyn, after Erin McKean’s wonderful TED talk. (2009)
Family Archive is an ongoing project to publish and organize the over 20,000 documents that my dad has scanned. My talk at the Personal Digital Archiving conference. (2009-Ongoing!)
Outfoxed was the first social-search engine, and online trust network. It was my master’s thesis project at the University of Osnabrück, and let to the creation of Lijit. (2004-2005)
LifeSlice is open source OSX app that takes your picture every hour and logs tons of other stats about your computer usage. (2012-15)
SimStan was a project I did in Berlin, where my Facebook friends were given wiki-style access to my calendar and I had to do whatever they scheduled. (2009)
Scan-with-Stan, a plain-jane windows application for non-techies that scans old photos into Facebook. (2011)
EverNight was the second web turn-based game I designed and built at VR-1. It was licensed to AOL and Deutsche Telkom. Fans purchased the game several years ago and re-launched it. (1997)
UltraCorps was my first product designed in a “real” job. It was the first massively multiplayer game that could be played in a browser and remains terribly addictive. It was originally sold to Microsoft, and now is at Steve Jackson games. (1996)
Email Clue was a game played via email. Distinctive because the client itself was emailed to other players, and so the codebase had to be kept under 500K. (1999)

Old projects

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