Startup Weekend Rocks

Startup Weekend is amazing. 70 some folks attempting to build a company in 48 hours. They are less than 24 hours in and already further along than most startups after 6 months.

As soon as I walked in last night I was blown away by the hourly progress report: Legal team says “Company is incorporated and we’re almost done with the terms of use.” Creative says “We have 5 logo designs”. Engineering says “We’re integrating with id345 mobile platform and will have beta ready by 9pm”. GUI team says “We’ve outlined the signup flow and have requirements for all functions.” And so on. And that was a mere 4 hours after everyone met for the first time with no set idea what they were going to build.

Last night I had a guy sleeping on my couch who had flown in from Virginia to take part in this. Wow.

This is something very new, and very cool. Boulder is making me proud.

Thanks Andrew for organizing this.

Check out the whole team this morning doing their hourly yoga exercises.

(Click here if you can’t see the video.)

I’m working on stuff for the Lijit board meeting next week or I’d be there too. Damn.

The questions are: Is this a fad? A one-off “see if it can be done” thing? Or could this model be expanded? What can we learn from this?