Dear Bloggers, people who do Important Stuff, and the Internets at large:

I will be on vacation for the next week and probably won’t be checking my newsreader too often. However, I really don’t want the bother of trying to catch up on a lot of news and interesting writing when I get back.

So, I have a few requests: If you’re a blogger please don’t post anything. Simple enough. And if you’re a large internet company thinking of making a big acquisition or launching a paradigm-changing platform, please wait until after I’m back. Also, I don’t want to be behind on any funny memes, so please don’t pass them around while I’m away. (Yes, I’m talking to you guys too, Digg and BoingBoing!) Lolcats included. In fact, why don’t we stop this whole internet thing for a while. Wouldn’t you enjoy a break too? Yes, of course you would. Fine, it’s settled then!