70’s Fashion Unearthed

Lately I and my family have been doing a lot of archiving. My Dad at last count had scanned 13,437 photos, letters, postcards, and mementos. Some of them go back to the 1890’s.

I need to write a full post about that project (and how there are no good tools for it, and my fears about Facebook and archiving…), but in the meantime here are some deliciously outrageous scans from two German 1973 mail-order catalogs. I found them years ago in the basement and have kept them as a little treasure to pull out when design/fashion-savvy guests are over.

The full set is viewable on Flickr.

All 49 scans available on Flickr…

3 thoughts on “70’s Fashion Unearthed”

  1. Stan,

    The guy in the black jacket with the red stretch bands around the waist and cuff is hot. Do you think you could pass my name and contact info on to him?
    (Second choice is the guy in the yellow pants below him to the left. Just in case guy #1 says no.)


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